School Board Member Caught Trading Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Richmond School Board member Keith West was reprimanded by city officials yesterday after it was discovered that he was collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards and trading them with fellow members.

West, who rgpkeceived two days of in-School Board suspension, admitted to bringing to official meetings his series of late-1980s trading cards that parody the iconic Cabbage Patch Kids, “even when I knew mom hated those things, and told me I couldn’t have them.”

The cards feature drawings of the round-headed, pudgy-cheeked children with either a gross abnormality or suffering a horrible fate, each with a word-play heavy name such as Sucked Chuck, (who has a plunger stuck to his face) or Louise Trapeze, (whose nostrils are holding her onto a circus swing).  The cards have come under fire as recently as 1986 from the Richmond Parent-Teacher Association for being “overly offensive” for young children and inappropriate for School Board members to collect.  

West’s mother forced the 42-year-old to write a letter of apology for bringing his Garbage Pail Kids to School Board, though it was not the first time his antics have landed him in hot water. 

In 2006, West had his recess privileges revoked after donning a pair of “Billy Bob” fake crooked teeth into a meeting, and last year got his name on the School Board’s board after accidentally, but severely, wounding the wrist of former board member Carol A.O. Wolf with a slap bracelet.


2 thoughts on “School Board Member Caught Trading Garbage Pail Kids Cards

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  1. It’s true. I gave up my favorite “Deadly Dudley” and “Max Axe” cards to Keith not too long ago. All I got in return was a slightly-damaged-corner “Lucas Mucus” card.

    …A lousy deal in my opinion, but I thought it would go a long way, coming from a School Board member’s personal collection.

  2. oooooo….West better hope Victoria Cobb doesn’t find out.

    note: Cobb is the president of the Family Foundation and serves on the board of School Choice Virginia along with West.

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