Our Own Favorites

For our regular readers, or those of you just joining us, we’re coming up on our one year anniversary: December 7, 2007, a date which will live in famy (get it?  Anyone?  Anyone?) (Crickets).  We’re thinking of maybe having some huge Happy Hour next month, which details will follow if we end up doing anything.

For now though, please enjoy a few of our own picks from the past year, in no particular order.  There are others we could post, but quite frankly, going through the archives will take too long.  If you’re new here, use the search box at the right to look for most any topic in Richmond; it’s probably been covered.  

Whether you’ve been reading since December or just came across us, here are a few must-reads as you journey down Tobacco Avenue:

I big tower

After nearly drowning, runner dies of dysentery on Oregon Hill Trail

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to add three more Allens

NBC12 producers give Gene Cox the ‘cue cards and whiskey don’t mix’ talk again

Much-praised Verbena to open second location, Nounena

Wilder puts embargo on Kuba Kuba

Monuments, citizens still unsure of who Maury was

Ukrop’s reports low Super Bowl Sunday sales

And what’s the deal with Richmond? 

Frat guys in audience totally rock crowd at Toad’s Place

Reports: VCU’s Trani linked to Philip Morris and blah, blah, blah whatever

Wilder does the Grey Poupon TV ad at intersection

Consultant: consultant told city ‘bunch of shit you already knew’

Tobacco Avenue’s Tips for Attending: Friday Cheers

Copies of Downtown Plan found laying on floors of City Hall men’s bathrooms

CarMax accepts BBB excellence award only after 125-point inspection

Switching to GEICO is easy, but this Sudoku thing is a real brain-teaser

Willow returns to Richmond to reclaim his lawn

Horse-mounted Stonewall Jackson: ‘I hate horses’

Trip to Mexico Restaurant same as last time, time before that

Magellan expresses frustration over navigating inRich.com

Martin Agency receives award; 942nd so far this year

Style Weekly cover story longer than entire newspaper

Traffic reporter suspended for use of the term ‘rubbernecker’

Residents enjoying local restaurant’s new Fire Bar

NBC12 Restaurant Report Finds Four Critical Violations In NBC12 Break Room

Second-rate Richmond Web site thinks it’s The Onion or something, critic says


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  1. So how can the infamous ‘Gene Cox pissed about not making the Style power list’ not on here. That story was by far TA’s biggest to date.

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