Lawrence Williams Temporarily Forgets He’s Running For Mayor

‘Oh Shit!’ underdog candidate reportedly says

Richmond mayoral candidate Lawrence E. Williams temporarily forgot that he is running for mayor, sources reported today, sending the political hopeful “into a tizzy” at a downtown cafe earlier this afternoon.

Seen with co-workers during lunch at Relish, the 56-year-old architect was overheard discussing the presidential race, his weekend outing on his sailboat, and the fact that he “couldn’t believe” that Christmas commercials had already begun, the sources said.  After someone at the table began talking about the state of the current Richmond mayoral election, the long-shot victor dropped his turkey sandwich and rose from his chair, flustered.

“Oh shit!” Williams reportedly shouted, throwing his hands on his head and instantly realizing his momentary lapse in remembering things.  “I had campaign posters and everything!  Oh, and shit, I gotta make a ton of phone calls!  And the TV commercials I’d been preparing!  Shit!

Added Williams: “Shit, shit, shit!”

The sources added that architect hasn’t been this forgetful since the time in 2003 when he overlooked designing ceilings in a Chesterfield County building.


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