Robert Grey Putting Finishing Touches On Kick-Ass Victory Playlist

Richmond mayoral candidate Robert J. Grey spent the majority of his Sunday finalizing his iPod’s kick-ass “VICTORY” playlist, to be heard only if he emerges as the winner in tomorrow’s election.

“I’ve got some great stuff on here, no doubt,” Grey said, noting he was sure to spell the playlist’s name in all upper-case letters so that it would stand out among his other self-made compilations, such as “Shower,” “Run,” and “Sad Times.”

The career attorney said he planned to lead off his list of kick-ass songs with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” with the reason being that it is same tune heard as the Virginia Tech Hokies take the football field.  “It works well in this case because it’ll really pump up the crowd before I emerge from behind the curtain onto the stage,” the 58-year-old said.

After the first minute or so of the popular 1991 Metallica song, Grey said he hopes to connect with his throngs of younger supporters by playing such Billboard Top 100 hits as T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” and Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” 

“Gotta love the Coldplay,” Grey said, assuring reporters that he has been a longtime fan of the British alt-rock band.  “That song, in particular, is about living a new life, or living through change, or something like that, and has a great background beat that will sound just spectacular as I thank volunteers for their hard work, and discuss our city of the future.”

Toward the end of his expected 5-minute-long victory speech, Grey said he plans to “fade into” Van Halen’s “Right Now,” a ballad that he says captures the essence of his campaign, both in living for the moment – and not being afraid of change. 

“It’s going to be new day for Richmond,” he said, “and one hell of a playlist.”

The candidate noted that while it took him nearly eight hours to pull together “VICTORY,” he has yet to begin drafting his kick-ass acceptance speech.


2 thoughts on “Robert Grey Putting Finishing Touches On Kick-Ass Victory Playlist

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  1. Don’t think the “VICTORY” list will get any play, he better have staffers working on the alternative list. What is apropo for background at a trouncing party? Do you recognize the loss with sad music or keep it upbeat and begin the “stay positive” vibe for the next election? Ah, so many choices.

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