Pantele Wonders If He’s ‘It’ After Being Tagged On Facebook

RICHMOND – Moments after a friend tagged a picture of him on Facebook yesterday, city mayoral candidate William J. Pantele asked younger campaign staffers whether such an action meant that he was “It,” sources said.

“I’m still so new to this whole Facebook thing – what does tagging mean?  So I’m like, ‘It,’ now, right?” Pantele asked two twenty-something campaign workers.  Sources said the 49-year-old attorney, who created a personal Facebook account in April, was “completely unaware” that tagging is simply the process of assigning a name to a face – within a picture – on the social-networking tool. 

Nonetheless, the mayoral candidate stood frozen in place after being Facebook tagged, hoping for someone to crawl between his legs so he could start running around again. 

“And  then he was wondering if he could chase down the person who tagged him, or if he had to tag someone new.  It was pretty humorous,” said Rory Quinn, a 25-year-old Pantele campaign staffer who has been using Facebook for nearly five years.  “It was when he came up to me and slapped me on the arm and told me ‘no backsies times infinity’ that I had to step in and explain how tagging works.” 

Increasing the confusion of how the metadata technology operates were some of Pantele’s old college friends having recently tagged him as a lamp shade, the Sears Tower, and a baby seal.


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