Palin Tailgates For Eight Hours Prior To Raceway Appearance

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin attended a rally yesterday at Richmond International Raceway, calling for tax relief and a freeze on out-of-control government spending – but not before tailgating for nearly eight hours in true NASCAR fashion.

Dressed in a short black skirt and white top, the Alaska governor spoke of the need to win the critical 13 electoral votes in Virginia, and questioned Demcratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s recent spending on a 24-pack of Natural Light at a similar pre-rally tailgate, where his party had already spent millions on alcohol.  Later, Palin called Obama running mate Joe Biden an “aggressive liberal” who “can’t take the heat of the [liquor] ice luge.”

Tailoring her speech to a Virginia audience, Palin called for more domestic mining and oil drilling, promised to lift bans against hard beverage coolers inside the raceway, and received cheers when she thanked NASCAR veterans for bringing home exciting victories at the 3/4-mile track at RIR. 

“It is great to be here in Richmond, Virginia, where I know us mavericks will be sure to bring home a vote on Nov. 4,” said Palin, visibly intoxicated after facing several members of a local fraternity through seven rounds of “Flip Cup.”   Nearly 25,000 attendees came out to support the John McCain-Palin ticket, chanting “Sarah! Sarah!” “You betcha!” and “Chug! Chug! Chug!” – to which she obliged.

“What’s that?  You want to see me do another keg stand? Someone hold my shirt back!” she said, pointing to her husband.  “Todd, get over here, grab my feet!”

Added Palin, as she was being flipped upside down: “Whoo-hoo!”


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