Woman Briefly Pulled Into Comic Book At Local Diner

A Richmond woman sitting in a local diner and reading a comic about a motorcycle race was mysteriously pulled into the pages of the book and led on a “magical journey,” police said this morning.  The woman, along with an unidentified man, was then attacked by a small gang of pipe-wrench wielding motorcyclists before narrowly making a quick escape.

The mid-20s woman, whose name was also not released, had just ordered a cup of coffee when the cartoon hand of the man emerged from inside the black-and-white book “and signaled at her to enter [the comic frame], to which she obliged,” Richmond interim police chief David M. McCoy said. 

He offered no explanation on how such an occurrence could physically happen.  “We are just as baffled as you as to the meaning of all this,” he told reporters during a press conference.

However, once inside the comic, the woman was led into an illustrated white room with a magical mirror that, when viewed from either side, turns the opposite side into a real-life room, and cartoon people into humans.

McCoy described the “mystical motorcycle racer” with whom the woman had the brief encounter as a “handsome” young man in his late 20s, wearing a dark leather jacket and black jeans.  He said the man should not be considered dangerous, but was wanted in questioning with the incident.

“It is our understanding that, once inside the pages of this cartoon, this young man repeatedly asked the young woman to ‘take him on,’ as he would be gone in a day or two,” McCoy said, noting the romantic encounter “quickly turned ugly” when opposing motorcycle racers stormed into the room, broke the enchanted mirror with a pipe wrench, and attacked the couple.

Both quickly fled the thugs by running through a nondescript maze, he said.

Donna Fowler, a waitress at the Broad Street Diner who served the woman, said she was “extremely angry” after believing that the customer had gotten up and left, thus stiffing the 58-year-old waitress on a tip.  “So I grabbed her little comic book [still on the table at the time] and crumpled it up,” Fowler said, adding that she angrily tossed the wad of paper into a trashbin behind the diner’s coffee machine.

“It was about that time when we looked over the counter and saw [the young woman] laying on the floor, covered in ink, right beside the waste basket,” said Jennifer Hodges, who was eating a sandwich at the time.  “We are all just sort of puzzled.”

While the woman’s whereabouts are unclear this morning, sources said a person of “similar likeness” was seen earlier today walking down Cary Street, hand-in-hand with the cartoon guy out of the book, who is now – for some weird reason that cannot be explained by anyone – real.


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  1. They were probably just ‘talking away’ when things got heavy.

    Anyhow, I’m glad TA is covering such events. After all- It’s no better to be safe than sorry.

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