Radio Host Shares His Opinion On The Deviled Eggs

While he frequently makes his views known on a variety of issues and people, WRVA-1140 talk radio personality Doc Thompson yesterday shared his opinion of the deviled eggs at a neighbor’s dinner party.

“These things are astounding!  The hints of relish are delectable!  And the paprika garnish, don’t even get me started!  Whoever made these gets an A-plus-plus from me!” said Thompson, who managed to eat four individual servings of the classic dinner-party side dish, then let the 12-person party know about it. “They’re incredible!”

However, Thompson – who on his weekday show has recently weighed in on the national economic crisis, his opposition to building a new Richmond baseball stadium, his preference of metal over wooden bar stools, and his love of stealing Wi-Fi – said his only complaint about the deviled eggs was that he wished they had hot spice added to them.  “But I’ll take what I can get!” he said.

Later in the evening, Thompson opined to guests that he did not believe vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was qualified for the job, noted the $700 billion economic-rescue package approved by Congress was a mistake, then declared his love of McGeorge Mercedes-Benz, which “since 1960 has matched Central Virginia’s passion for Mercedes-Benz quality and luxury, along with courtesy and care of its professional, full-service staff.”

Added Thompson, heading to the bathroom: “I’ll be back after this.”


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