Casting Call: Writers and Designers

We’ll be brief: Looking for writers and graphic designers.  There’s no pay (we don’t make anything, either).  However, you’ll pick up a fun side gig and resume builder.  If you’re a designer, we’re not talking complex stuff here: swapping heads onto other bodies, cutting/adding stuff out of/in to pictures…that kind of thing.   

Either way, you’ll get to tell all your friends how special you’ve now become, have a quicker “in” to pick up chicks/guys at the bar, and gain the utter respect of coworkers for your sheer, uncanny brilliance.  And, given the current state of our economy, the pay isn’t bad, either.

“Apply” as a writer: Write three headlines, then turn one of them into a short story (four paragraphs tops).  Journalism or writing experience is a plus.  We’re looking for two writers.  Contact tobaccoavenue[at] with your material.  Deadline is Friday, Oct. 17.

As a designer: Just say you’ve got the experience, and are willing to take a few minutes here and there each week to put one illustration together.  We’re looking for two designers. Contact tobaccoavenue[at] if you’re interested.  Deadline is Friday, Oct. 17.

Whether designer or writer, thinking you are funny, pretending you are funny, or having your parents tell you that you are funny helps.


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