Kitchen 64 Plans Upgrade To Kitchen GameCube

Owners of Northside restaurant Kitchen 64 said today that they hope to launch the fourth-generation of the popular eating establishment by early next year, complete with better-looking menu graphics, a faster-moving staff and tables that allow for up to 16 diners at once.  The restaurant will also change its name Kitchen GameCube.

“Since we launched Kitchen 64 nearly two years ago, fans have enjoyed our original lineup of dishes, from our uniquely-named sandwiches like The Bellevue to the Boulevard Sub to my personal favorite, the Mario Kart Kuban,” said Kitchen 64 owner Johnny Giavos.  “Our customers will find a more ‘family friendly’ restaurant when eating at Kitchen GameCube compared to some of our competitors, which offer foodie experiences for more mature dining audiences.”

One predominant feature of the new restaurant, he said, will be Kitchen GameCube’s 64-bit enhanced PowerPC 60x front-side bus, complete with a 162-MHz clock and 1.3 gigabytes of peak bandwidth to increase the speeds of the waitstaff when sitting customers.  Kitchen 64’s chipset, many restaurant-industry critics have complained, has resulted in unnecessarily slow waiting times prior to eating the meal.

In addition to their founding of other Richmond dining hotspots such as Sidewalk Cafe, Kuba Kuba and 3 Monkeys, Giavos and wife Katrina also opened the original Kitchen in 1985; Super Kitchen in 1991; and a smaller take-out location, Food Boy, in 1989.


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