Mayoral Candidate Bill Pantele Secures The Hot Mom Vote

Richmond candidate for mayor William J. “Bill” Pantele yesterday picked up the endorsement of hot moms, a vote political analysts say ensures a win for the City Council President on Nov. 4 among blazing-hot females who are older than 30 and have children.

“Bill Pantele has promised change to Richmond, introducing a multi-faceted approach to reduce crime, a plan to abolish car allowances for top city officials, and to make sure that women over 40 can still continue to look incredible long after having kids,” said Cate Larkin, Richmond chapter president of the National Smoking Hot Mothers Association, and who, at age 42, donned a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans and this unbelievably awesome-looking gray top.

Virginia Commonwealth University political science professor Andrew B. Bower said the Pantele backing by Richmond-area hot moms comes at a crucial point, as many mothers struggle in hard economic times and are forced to shop at JCPenney or Dillard’s in lieu of more upscale, traditional hot mom retail hotspots such as J. Crew and Banana Republic.

Pantele “is really going to have to step up and make sure that, not only are these hot moms ensured strong public-school educational opportunities for their adorable, blue-eyed children, but have a place to continue looking hot in public,” Bower said.   

For instance, he estimates, someone as hot as the Smoking Hot Mothers Association’s Larkin – “a solid 9.7 by any count” – probably goes out with other hot moms up to twice a month and drinks anywhere from four to five Cosmopolitans.  On her evening on the town, the quintessential hot mom will likely demand the bar be smoke-free, the decor upscale, the men mature yet full of vigor and possibly uncouth intentions, the drinks strong, the taxicabs waiting on the curb or within five minutes of a pickup, and her clothes of similar fashion to the styles that females 20 years younger are wearing, Bower said.

“And it will be Bill Pantele’s responsibility to make sure that happens,” he said. 

Since he began serving as the 2nd District City Councilman in 2001, Pantele has designated funding toward inner-city youth programs to help children connect with older mentors, brought many of the city’s homeless into shelters, and introduced resolutions that promote the creation of restaurants and bars to foster the meeting of men aged younger than 35 with women older than 40, and who are still complete hotties. 

Pantele yesterday said he was grateful for the endorsement by the Hot Moms, as the group is known, and would work hard to preserve the youthfulness of the organization’s near 25,000 local members.

“When I’m elected, I promise you that I will end the bickering at City Hall and cut the ludicrous waste of our taxpayer dollars,” Pantele said.  “And I tell you this: if there is one thing I love more than this city, it’s the sight of a woman generally under age 45 who may or may not have kids but is of the general child-rearing age, but doesn’t let that slow her down, and is willing and able to have a little fun with friends of a similar caliber.  And I’ll do anything and everything to make sure that ‘every season’ is ‘open season’ for cougar hunting.”


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