Rocketts Landing Pad Approved

Officials for upscale Richmond riverfront development Rocketts Landing said today that the state has approved the construction of its namesake $14 million landing pad for spacecraft, missiles and other forms of rockets.

The approval by the Virginia Department of Rocketry Landing and Launching Pads means that – in addition to the community’s 87-slip private marina, pool, fitness center, and other amenities – wealthy residents who own spaceships will have quick access to a complex that is able to withstand the intense heat and enormous loads generated by the landing and launching of rockets.

“When it is fully completed in 2015, residents of Rocketts Landing will experience riverfront living, shops and restaurants all within walking distance, along with the thrill of seeing a twin-engine rocket launch high into the air, and of course land, in their own backyards,” said James H. Woodhall, chief executive of JH Woodhall & Co., the developer of the 45-acre project and its adjacent pad.

“Without the approval of the pad, these contemporary apartments and luxury condominiums would have no reason for being,” he added.

Also being considered for Rocketts Landing is a giant high-fall air bag that would be used for allowing Radio City Music Hall precision dance group the Rockettes to jump from the tops of the elegant townhomes to the ground, and land safely.


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