Community Blog Church Hill Little People’s News Launches This Week

Since its launch in August 2004, Church Hill People’s News has become a well-visited community journalism Web site for many of the historic Richmond neighborhood’s residents. 

“But not all of them,” Cliff Sutton says with a chuckle.

Sutton, a 34-year-old who stands three-feet, four-inches tall, is the editor and lead writer of another “community blog” for the neighborhood that will launch tomorrow, the Church Hill Little People’s News. will be a site dedicated to “all things little people” – and written by little people – in the old historic district, he says.

Content-wise, Church Hill Little People’s News will provide “information, commentary and opinion” on the matters of neighborhood residents smaller than four-feet, 10-inches in height, says Sutton, who plans to update the site daily with localized little people-related happenings. 

For instance, while Church Hill People’s News ran a recent story about the upcoming Italian Festival and its entertainment and food options, the article made no mention of little people-specific entertainment or food at the event, Sutton notes.  “Will the food be authentic Italian little people food?” he asks.  “Will there be stepping stools provided to see the entertainment?  These are things that the little people of Church Hill need to know, yet they would not be able to find anywhere on Church Hill People’s News.”

John Murden, the creator of Church Hill People’s News, did not respond to claims by Sutton that was not inclusive or prejudiced to smaller persons, saying only, “Are you kidding me?”

Sutton, an IT consultant, estimates the little-person population of the neighborhood at two people, including himself and wife.

When asked whether “midgets” are “able to maintain Web sites like normal people,” Sutton then drop-kicked a Tobacco Avenue reporter in the shins, used one hand to drag the writer into the street, and set him on fire.


7 thoughts on “Community Blog Church Hill Little People’s News Launches This Week

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  1. Funny!

    “Will there be stepping stools provided to see the entertainment?” I bet Mr. Huotari will make sure there are stools for Church Hill’s little people at the King’s Retreat. And lower shelves on food carts featuring the evenings choices of succulent meats and steaming pasta.

  2. I love the fact that the King’s Retreat madness now requires the attention of two blogs…I am clearly getting nothing done today.

  3. Matt C, three blogs…check out a King’s Retreat comment on RVAnews on the Worst/Best thread. Instead of telling “monkey” to go to hell, I suggested the “King’s Retreat.”

  4. I was very interested in this Blog, and about the news for little people. I happen to be writing a book of short stories, about little people. In each story, male or female, the little person is the main charactor or hero. I am not a little person, however, I do feel society’s veiws need to change. I would like very much to receive this news and any other websites or anything that could help me in my quest. Thank You So Much
    Lily Raney

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