Owne o Delux introduce ne writin styl

Thoug i shoul normall b writte a “Deluxe,” Richmon restauran an ba Delux introduce a ne styl o writin yesterda tha center o droppin th las lette i ever wor, a mov tha mark th firs tim anyon i histor ha eve trie t completel chang th wa peopl writ.

“No onl doe i loo coo whe we leav of th las lette o the restarant’ nam, bu I thin w ca leverag tha coolnes t reshap th entir writte America languag.  Excep, o cours, wit word tha contai jus on lette, suc a ‘I’ or ‘a,'” sai Delux owne Jare Golde, wh als run Th Hil Caf i Churc Hil.  “W d no expec thi chang t th vocabular t hav an effec o th gourme men o comfor food, no th upscal ambianc o th swank open-ai, two-stor restauran and ba.”

Howeve, Golde sai, man o th curren dishe a Delux – includin it signatur drin, a martin wit Kete On Citroe, Gran Marnie an pomegranat juic – wil hav thei name change t reflec th update writin styl.

“Bu al th foo wil stil tast th sam, lik th succulen meatloa, lobste quesedill an Cuba roas por,” Golde sai.  “W ar reall thinkin an hopin an prayin an plannin an expectin an believin an dreamin tha thi concep wil b supe popula wit everyon.”


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  1. Wo! The serv foo ther? Thos o u tha liv nea ther though the onl han ou jell shooter and shot-gu bee befor turnin the bac ou int ou neighborhoo…

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