Wilder’s dog resigns

Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder’s dog resigned today, the latest fallout in a series of high-profile local officials who have stepped down from the city administration in recent weeks.

For nearly 13 years, the mayor’s papillon, Halpert Davis Jr., served as a companion to the city’s leader, accompanying Wilder on frequent walks, chewing on toys and growling or barking at all visible mailmen and women.  The resignation comes just a day after the city’s chief administrative officer, Sheila Hill-Christian, stepped down from her post.

In an emailed statement to employees at City Hall, Davis Jr. said that he arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, further explaining that his decision for leaving came down to simply bark and, in part, ruff ruff. 

“Grrr, ruff! Grrr, ruff!” Davis Jr. said at a press conference, noting that his abilities to serve as top dog to the mayor had been compromised after Wilder recently appointed a kitten to serve in his administration.  Wilder released a brief statement saying he appreciated the “sincere love and admiration” offered by his humane companion, but would turn his attention to the new cat during his remaining five months in office.  

The white papillon then dragged his anus across the carpet with his two front legs, causing several reporters in the room to chuckle.


4 thoughts on “Wilder’s dog resigns

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Very nice!!! thanks for the early morning laugh… now I must pack up computer and move from the gayborhood to homo heights while the rest of the world works….ughhh…

  2. I was wondering how long it would take TA to use the word anus in a story. I have a feeling Mr. Strummer himself has done that move a few times.

  3. Well, as a Bouvier, I tend to be a little more verbose w/ my responses so please allow me to add that I think Mr. Wilder’s dog made the right choice in ousting himself from the Administration. I wish him the best of luck and Godspeed with his future endeavors.

    (now, where’s my bone?)

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