Webb fights for picture on wall after 'almost' finishing one-pound cheeseburger

Virginia Senator Jim Webb was thrown out of a Henrico County restaurant over the weekend after trying to get his picture on the wall for nearly devouring a one-pound cheeseburger, sources said.

Though the picture wall at Cheeburger Cheeburger is reserved for patrons who finish the establishment’s largest hamburger, nearby customers said Webb came within two bites of putting away the so-called “Famous Pounder.”  According to witnesses, the fully-stuffed Democratic senator then launched into a verbal tirade directed at the restaurant’s wait staff, before being asked to leave by the owner.

While Webb was unavailable for comment, the Congressman’s staffer said in a statement that the senator “came within ounces” of completely digesting the burger, and should have been given benefit of the doubt.

“It was kind of weird, [Webb] asked for the owner and then went off on this crazy diatribe, demanding to be shown how the ground beef is weighed before it’s cooked,” said restaurant-goer Andrea Pangle, noting Webb’s vulgarities ranged from him “being tricked into” ordering the side of Famous Fries – which decreased stomach capacity – to the cook adding too many shards of lettuce and slices of onion onto the sandwich. 

“His aide was trying to keep the peace,” the 29-year-old said.  “A lot of the kids were crying but the aide kept telling everyone that ‘he’s really sorry’ and his boss ‘does this all the time,’ to not worry, and that it would ‘all be over soon.'”

The incident was similar to an early March occurrence at a Northern Virginia Ikea, where Webb was described as “up in arms” over having to find all the pieces for an Alve series desk, then smashing a Fjelldal wooden bunk bed with his trademark combat boot.


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