Amid rain, everyone just wishes they could have stayed in bed today

Faced with never-ending rain, clouds and general unflinching staying-in-bed forms of weather, 468,932 of the Richmond area’s working adults – all of them – said today that they wished they never got out of bed this morning.

“Ugh,” everybody moaned, adding that it “sucks even more” because it is Monday.  “I just should have kept hitting the snooze button,” every single person in town added, noting the sounds of rain hitting the window panes were enough to make the entire consensus want crawl back under the covers and cuddle, even though not everyone has someone, or anyone, to do so with.

Everyone noted that they were not looking forward to having to leave the office and walk or drive through the rain, though the populace was currently “counting the minutes” until 5 p.m. “And to having a cold one,” they added, even the ones who don’t drink.


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