Domino’s introduces Chanello’s-style pizza

Following on the heels of its popular Brooklyn-style pizza introduction, Domino’s said today that it plans to offer a Chanello’s-style pizza in an effort to compete with the Richmond late-night food spot.

The product will be rolled out to four Domino’s branches in the city, said Cassim Marques, the chain’s regional manager.  Toppings will include softening, overly ripened peppers, past-expiration dated cheeses and meats with questionable animals of origin, all of which will still somehow manage to make the pizza taste absolutely delicious. 

The pies will go on sale at 10 p.m. every evening, available only to customers who call after heavy drinking, he said.  With traditional small-through-large sizes available, Domino’s will offer unique varieties including Whatever the Special Is, The Meat One and That One That You Buy and Get The Cheese Bread Too. 

Domino’s said it will offer Virginia Commonwealth University students a 10 percent discount on the Chanello’s pizza, though they must first blow a 0.18 or above and show proof of having had at least one make-out session with a stranger at a bar. 


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  1. How will Domino’s get the pizzas there in 30 minutes or less, when a usual Chanello’s order takes usually two hours to be delivered?

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