Report: Lulu’s has excellent food, absolutely adorable name

Not only does the newest soul-food spot in Richmond have exquisite fare, but Lulu’s also has a name that is just positively adorable, a new report says.

The 802-page study, Lulu’s: Extraordinary Eats and a Bloody Darling Name for a Restaurant, was released today by professors at Virginia Commonwealth University and explains in great detail how the Shockoe Bottom spot can do no wrong in the eyes of local food lovers – and has a name that brings to mind a sweet, baby chimpanzee or pug. 

“While the interior boasts an industrial-yet-urban feel, don’t let this upscale design fool you: the name Lulu is as lovable as the place’s seven ways to decorate a poached egg,” said report co-author and sociology professor Bruce Burke, noting the name Lulu might be the same as that girl in “Little Miss Sunshine.”

“And if her name wasn’t Lulu, then it darn well should have been,” said Burke, adding that he enjoyed the heartwarming Academy Award-winning movie almost as much as the restaurant’s already-famous Steve’s Meat Loaf with mashed potatoes.

The report added that while the Tandoori Style Chicken with basmati rice, dhal, cucumber yogurt sauce and pappadam was “100 percent unique to Richmond,” the name of the establishment was nearly 62 percent “Cute As a Button” and 15 percent “Cute as hell,” while remaining 23 percent was “Cute as cute can be, if not cuter.”

Lulu’s customers appear to agree to the study’s findings, drawing Lulu name comparisons to everything from a baby kitten to a Disney cartoon character of some adorable form. 

“Their beef stroganoff on top of the penne is just delish,” Amy Riddle said on a recent Saturday evening at the North 17th Street restaurant, which opened in October.  “It’s almost as delightful as the name Lulu, which just makes me think of some precious pudgy-cheeked little girl who, like their High-Falootin’ Mac and Cheese, you just want to eat up.”

Riddle added that she couldn’t wait to try Lulu’s Deep Dish Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, which, if the dessert tastes anything like the name of the restaurant, will taste like a teddy bear.


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