Law enforcement authorities enjoy night out at Club Velvet

City, state and federal law-enforcement officers held a rare guy’s night out at Velvet this weekend, enjoying the Shockoe Bottom establishment’s seminude entertainment, cheap dinner buffet and helping themselves to several boxes of belongings that are now formerly owned by the nightclub.

Saying the “fun evening with friends” had been in the works for several months, roughly a dozen Richmond police officers and agents from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, IRS and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives entered the club around 2:45 a.m. on Saturday, roughly an hour after normal business hours.

“It was an awesome, perfect evening.  And something we should have done a long time ago,” said ATF agent Roy Black as he left the South 15th Street club down $150 in singles but up a hand-truck loaded with six computer-processing units.  “We look forward to coming back again, hopefully in the next week.” 

Richmond police chief Rodney Monroe said while the chicken at the buffet was “a bit on the dry side,” he was “very interested” in adding two Hummers and a pair of high-powered searchlights to the force’s collection of equipment.


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5 thoughts on “Law enforcement authorities enjoy night out at Club Velvet

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  1. really a buffet thats funny SAM would never give anything away much less have a buffet.Yeah and if the cops had fun imagine how much fun u would have!!!!I have worked there for 4 months and have never seen any of the stuff the media blow way out of content but hey the truth would have been boring!!

  2. Law enforcement needs to leave them alone and let the dancers make there money. Velvet is the best gentle mans club in VA. They do nothing wrong.

  3. The dancers would make more money if they knew how to dance. I tell ya, I tell ya, I go in there and see some of the nastiest looking girls. I felt like I had lice crawling up my legs when I was sitting at the stage one time. You see, it’s a very gross and disturbing place. Not to mention the dances are awkward. You telling me that it’s normal to walk up 2 levels, an apartment, some kitchen, and then finally make your way to the “VIP” section? A little weird to me if you ask me. I’m not sure yet, but I think the nude dance I had a week ago gave me herpes. It doesn’t look good for my manhood.

    Look on the bright side though – at least you’re still allowed to smoke at Club Velvet. I thought there was a law against it, but some loop hole allows you to smoke there. So if for nothing else. Go to Velvet to smoke. Don’t get any dances though, the CDC might quarantine you.

  4. Sam has no use for your lukewarm approval that plagues. The despotic totalitarian forces that Sam confronts relies completely on him being a spectacle. The solidity, strength, and homogeneity of the media, law enforcement, city council, IRS, ATF, FBI and popular opinion masks the inequality, oppression, and violence within us all; tantamount to the persecution Christ received. Truly a sign of imminent danger for all when a nation begins holding displays of its prowess, such a display is nearly always the corollary for an act of imperialist-style violence, the justification for the subjugation of a person who fail to meet its lofty standards. Ridicule Sam with your false regality and fraudulent grandeur and retire fondling your withered genitalia.

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