Man on the Street: What should be done about the copper thieves in the Museum District?

With thieves posing as home improvement contractors and stealing copper downspouts off homes in the Museum District to sell for profit, we hit the streets to see what a few locals are thinking about the situation.  Their responses: 

“I tell you what, thieves will go to great lengths these days in order to make a quick penny, or in this case, several thousand of them.” – David Eubank Jr., 34, the Fan

“The police are telling us to be on the lookout for ‘folks posing as home-improvement contractors’ as though it is politically incorrect to say, ‘watch out for the Mexicans.'” – Margaret Hart, 46, the Museum District

“The solution is easy: stop making water drains out of such lightweight material that can be easily taken and start making them from heavier, non-stealable material, like gold.” – Lacey Stone, 26, Church Hill


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