Wu-Tang Clan gives tantalizing performance of innate sonorities in Richmond

New York-based hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan descended on Richmond’s Toad’s Place last night, rapping through a series of vibrato neo-classical sonatas that captivated listeners for nearly two hours, a critic said.

“The work was splendid, exhibiting a true sense of delight in a way that gave the audience an aural snapshot of the moment one chooses to attack anyone who’s slack in his mack,” reviewer Morris Brady said of the concerto, entitled Pillage Da Killah in D Minah.  “With such intriguing interpretations, listeners got a strong sense of being on the inside of a lived subjectivity, to feel what it’s like to be able to check one’s mic or yearn for the cold grip of a Tech 9.”

Brady described the sonatas as containing a rather fugue movement, filled with tantalizing fragments from the likes of Heinrich Neuhaus, J.S. Bach and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. 

Elevating the machinations, Brady said, were lyrics such as “Yeahhh, torture [expletive] what? Torture [expletive] what? What?/ I’ll [expletive]/I’ll [expletive] tie you to a [expletive] bedpost with your [expletive] and [expletive], [expletive] lay your [expletive] on a [expletive] dresser/And bang them [expletive] with a spiked [expletive] bat/Ooohhh.”


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