Web 2.0-centric solutions provider with core competencies to relocate in Henrico

A southwestern U.S. company that does marketing, energy, is perhaps information technology-related or none or all of the above announced plans today to move its headquarters to the Richmond area.

Enterprise Solutions Inc., which describes itself as a “facilities-based holding company that thinks outside the box, putting a direct emphasis on brand awareness by leveraging synergies across a multi-purpose, unilateral platform to benefit the bottom line, our end-users and compete with multinationals,” said it will move into a nondescript office space in Innsbrook Corporate Center in Henrico County.

CEO Barry Smith, who drives a BMW X5 4.8i with included ABS, GPS, and XM Satellite Radio, said the move should employ upwards of 300 carbon-based lifeforms in the area.

He said the company’s competitive advantage is that it offers value-added, practical applications with state-of-the-art technologies that many times utilize strategic partners such as IBM, EDS and AOL.

“We maintain robust network infrastructures while deploying user-centric solutions through the implementation of fundamental, enterprise-class Web-based protocols to bring mission-critical deliverables to our clients and assist them in achieving profitable ROIs and comp-store sales,” Smith said.  “We aren’t reinventing the wheel or playing devil’s advocate. Yet, by utilizing Six Sigma practices to garner the most streamlined processes possible, we can strategically eliminate waste across our supply chain to maximize efficiencies.

“Many of our customers, we find, later send us wood pulp-based memorandums of appreciation,” he added. “It’s that kind of constructive feedback that really turns the corner regions of my oral cavity upward.”

Smith, also the CFO and COO after the two company officials left to spend more time with family, said key for his company’s ultimate success is maintaining morale and a workplace of integrity, honesty and transparency- a turnkey solution that makes his unique firm one-of-a-kind.

“It is essential that we are champions in promoting the four pillars of Enterprise Solutions’ core competencies, such that our organization continues to innovate and remain a disruptor in today’s global economy,” he said.  “Also, many of our top associates will be given wireless-based mobile handsets and double-axle platformed transportation modules.

“Using upwards of seven habits to keep our effective executives in action is what truly makes us go from good to great,” he added, “and not just be some cliche.”

While some local residents were slightly befuddled by the announcement, others in Henrico said they were happy to call Enterprise Solutions a new neighbor.

“Oh yeah, I know them,” Wyndham resident Clyde Boyles said.  “They make great cheeseburgers and are open until 2 a.m.”


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